Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Feeling uplifted

I am currently listening to an artist known as Rita Springer. Some of her lyrics are just amazing. I have it up full blast singing along with her at the top of my lungs whilst cleaning up the house. I love it when you can have God moments when doing menial tasks! Fantastic. Here are the lyrics to two of the songs so far this morning that have just struck such a chord with me.


Oh God of mine, I’ll have no idols
Oh God of mine, come lead the way
Oh God of mine, I’m greatly humbled
This sinner’s heart You came to save
Oh God of mine through storm and trial
Oh God of mine through death and grave
Oh God of mine in resurrection
Your scars display my soul’s refrain
Oh God of mine Who holds all nations
Oh God of mine Who saves the day
Oh God of mine, Your grace sufficient
And tender mercies new by morn
Oh God of mine, forever faithful
Oh God of mine, forever stay
Oh God of mine, forever after
These eyes upon Your face will gaze"


In the quiet of my soul
In the stillness I hear Your voice call
And I am overwhelmed
I am lost for words to describe You
Jesus, You’re more than a friend
Jesus, You’re more than my heart could ever express
Your love and your grace never fail me
Your merciful touch always heals me
You bring joy to my soul
My heart longs to worship You my King
And I long to bring You a pleasing offering
And I am overwhelmed
I am lost for words to describe You"

Go out and get a copy....she's got such a great raw and textured voice and it will just lift you up! the album is called "I have to believe". Also her rendition of the amazing Delirious song "Rain down" has been done really well.

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