Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well, I think it's about time I said adieu to the blog. I don't find myself having the time these days. I have been thinking over this last wee while that sometimes blogging can be an amazing thing...sharing with others what is going on in your life, and where you are in your journey. Others can celebrate good times with you and offer support and comfort when times are tough. For those who have done that....thank you!

But then...I have also wondered whether there is a negative side to it all too!. I think if we all knew what everyone else was thinking all the time, the real truth about how we feel about an individual or a situation, then we would all be at war with one another, and I don't think we would have any friends. No one is perfect, we all moan about someone, at sometime....we all let our hurts show and our anger flare....but mostly in people lives these truths about how you feel at that time are unseen by others, even by our closest friends. Sometimes blogging about what you are thinking, or what you are going through in your life, perhaps in a time when you are just expressing how you feel about something... ...then you open yourself to criticism and to the dangers that someone will be offended...and all sorts of other negative things that just set you back even more in your life, and make your worries even bigger ones.

We all own our own feelings and should feel free to express them...and the truth of the matter is that if you share them on such a thing as a blog, then there will always be someone who is offended, even when that was the furthest thing from your intentions. There will always be someone who reads into something you've written that was never meant to be taken the way they have taken it. Sharing your world, and your inner most thoughts with everyone, although the majority of the time is a liberating and wonderful experience, can also at times be the worst thing to do.

I've come to the conclusion rightly or wrongly that in my experience, it's not worth it. I've seen recently nothing but bother from bearing your soul. I've seen loved ones who are just being "real", expressing feelings that they rightly own...only to find someone...and sadly most times someone who is close to you.....take offense at it. The very people who should know you the best, and have just a little bit more respect for you and your feelings, should at least know where you are coming from.

Anyway.....I shall say my farewells. Thanks to everyone who has commented on the blog and for all the help and support you have given me. Thank you Thomas for all your love...I love the fact that you "keep it real"....there is no covering up with say things the way they really are. You are brave about your feelings at times even when you know that others will always be ready to pounce on you and criticise. You are always ready to accept when you are in the wrong, and you handle such things very graciously. You are are not are "real"...and I love you for all of those things. All the best with your blogging. As for me.....I'm not strong enough to handle other people's feelings. I am too weak inside...too sensitive and I care too much about what others think of me.

We need to stay strong together as a couple and family....even when the world seems at times like it's falling round about us....I pray that we will always seek to put God first in our lives, and that we will never forget how much He loves us. He will never seek to destroy us, but only build us up.

God Bless and Adieu!

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