Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Highlight of the Congress

The highlight of the congress this year for me was the Belfast Drama Group. I was just absolutely blown away by their presentation and performance. They performed four times over the weekend and I could have watched them all night.

On Saturday night they did "The big climb" and then later "The big stick". On the Sunday morning they led in prayer with "Help, I'm too busy to pray" and then in the afternoon they really challenged me with "Six of the best"

Every single one of the group were so passionate about what they were doing...they were professional and were just so looked as though they all really connect with each other spiritually as well as socially.

I would love to see more of this kind of expression of worship and do hope this is not the last that I have seen of them!

Obviously my other highlight was singing with the A Chorus from music school under the leadership of the wonderful Ann Howlett-Foster. I sang with a tear in my eye on our last song as I realise that I probably won't experience that again. Very doubtful that I will be able to take a family holiday and go to music school next year. So so so sad!

It was also great to hear our A band as well. I absolutely loved the cornet solo from Craig Kilgour from Govan Corps of "In the love of Jesus" which was wonderful.

And then of course I couldn't leave out the African Choir who are now serving at Manchester Corps. They were so full of the spirit and their love for God was so evident to see. No inhibitions...just letting go and letting God!

Out in the foyer before the Saturday meeting started they were singing and dancing and praising God. I couldn't believe it when one of the babies strapped to his mummy's back fell asleep while his mum danced about.

One minute awake........

...the asleep!

Truly amazing!

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