Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good times

These last few weeks have been so busy, what with work, house, kids, church, card-making's been really hard to find much time to be on facebook or the blog. A few weekends back we had the return visit from Croydon Salvation Army band.

Our two billets for the weekend were a delight to of them being of course the lovely Johnny Laird who along with his beautiful wife Jeanette and two gorgeous kids Mia and Noah looked after Thomas and I when we were down at Croydon.

We also had the priviledge of meeting Darren Luff who was just so at ease in our company (at least I hope so anyway!) and ours with his instantly. Miriam loved it when Darren lifted her up on his shoulder....he is quite tall, so she was well chuffed to be up so high.

Unfortunately I never made it to the Saturday night concert at the Bellshill Academy as I was helping in the kitchen at the Army Hall to feed the band before the concert. By the time we cleared up and I got home to change it was too late. I did however thoroughly enjoy both Sunday meetings. The speakers on these two occassions were very challenging and I felt really encouraged.

We decided that because we only had a short space of time between the march of witness that we had and then getting back for the afternoon meeting, that it would be better time spent chatting if we went out for dinner. So off to Nando's we went.

Jane and Ross came too with their lovely billet Carolyn McDevitte. Followed with a hot beverage from Starbucks, it was pretty much the perfect afternoon....just didn't get long enough with Darren, Johnny and Carolyn.

On the Monday morning unbeknown to Dayna and Miriam we were off to Scarborough for a few days. I had booked the holiday a while back and thought it would be great to keep it a surprise. So when they were sleeping on Sunday night, Thomas and I got packed, and in the morning after we had the girls fed and dressed we sprung the news on them. They couldn't believe it.

We had the best time. Pippin thoroughly enjoyed the beach, the weather was fantastic....

......the donuts were to die for....

......and the company was as usual just so special.
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