Friday, September 28, 2007

Charlotte's Web

I love friday nights! As much as possible we like to spend quality time with the family watching a film. As a child I read Charlotte's Web and loved it......cried my eyes out but loved it none the less. I always meant to get round to watching the film.....but with a fear of spiders...sitting watching a film with one in it...playing one of the main roles, well i would miss most of the film if I looked away everytime it came on.

Anyway....we went to our local library and rented it out. Thomas cooked Chicken fajitas...the kids helped set the coffee table in the livingroom, and we all knelt round the table eating together. The dvd was popped on and although briefly I felt uncomfortable with the sight of little old charlotte......................

...........................................I soon began to warm to her.

Little Wilbur was just the cutest pig EVER!!! (When I was young I always said I was going to own a Vietnamese pot belly pig!!!!) Julia Roberts voice is well suited to Charlotte the spider, and there are lots of other voices like John Cleese, and Oprah Winfrey starring in it too. The girl playing Fern is the beautiful Dakota Fanning, who also starred in "War of the Worlds" alongside Tom Cruise.

She reminds Thomas and I so much of Dayna. The ending was still incredibly sad. There is nothing like trying to hold back a flood of tears trying to hide that fact that you are indeed crying....and then someone in the room just happens to catch your eye and it all comes holding back....full on sobs. Yeah...that's pretty much what happened....then Dayna started, and of course Miriam joined in too. Thomas avoided all eye contact from that point on so I think we can safely say that he too was feeling the pain.

Anyway...if you haven't seen it, give it a go, even if you don't like spiders like me...believe me you will still fall in love with Charlotte. It's a great film for the family to share, and it certainly warms the heart....and that's not too bad a thing to happen these it?
Here's the trailer...

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