Thursday, July 12, 2007

Our new charity shop

I am very proud to say that we now have our very own Salvation Army charity shop, pride of place, in the Bellshill main street. An ensemble from our band played for 10 minutes before the official opening of the store took place. Trevor Caffull, who is the Managing Director of the Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd....(who had come all the way up from down South for the occassion).... spoke for a few minutes, and then Ivor Telfor our Divisional Commander read the love passage from the bible and said a few words and then he officially opened the store with a few cuts of the red ribbon. There was even a red carpet rolled out for customers.

Within seconds the shop was absolutely stowed out and remained so for about the next hour with long queues being a good reflection on the quality of stock found in our store. The band played another piece of music and then we were invited through the back where a lovely spread had been put on. However, I decided to just go through to the store and have a good nosey around myself instead!

I have to say without being biased, that the shop has been fitted so well, the staff and volunteers have done an amazing job. It looks very professional....colour co-ordinated clothes are all kept together and all the accessories have been placed together in lovely displays around clothing that matches. There was no "smell"...everything was totally fresh and just immaculate.

I spoke to Ivor for a wee while and he was just so chuffed that the shop was open. To be able to have the store in the main street where the presence of the Salvation Army is seen and felt is just such an amazing opportunity. Leaflets and info about our church are on display as well as the store being staffed with ordinary folks who have a love for God and a love for the community....for all the people that they will come in contact with on a daily basis. will be great to raise more funds for the army, but this is not the main aim. Friendships hopefully will be built between the staff and the customers, and hopefully through time we may see some more new faces in our church, or in coming to Alpha, or house groups..ect....and see more people coming to know God as their personal Saviour. This would just be wonderful.

I managed to buy a lovely lilac and pink wall clock for the girls bedroom which was still in its original packaging,....brand new.....still screwed into the back of the cardboard!....£1.49!!!

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