Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Laughter is good medicine!

On Saturday I had a wonderful time with Thomas and the girls. We spent quite a long time in the Hamilton Museum which is a place the girls like to visit often. The displays were absolutely top class..very informative! They had lots of info about the history of Hamilton and of the old Hamilton Palace...(not the night club )...which was owned by the wealthy "Hamilton" family, who also owned and built the Hamilton Mausoleum. The museum also had a fantastic exhibition on Sir Harry Lauder, whom I didn't know that much about but enjoyed learning just how much of an important Scottish figure he was.

One of the things I really think is important in places such as these is to make sure that there are some interactive stuff that you can do with the kids. There were opportunities to dress up as Harry Lauder. Now... the sizes of clothing are really intended for kids, but with much persuasion from myself, I managed to just about fit Thomas into some Scottish Harry Lauder regalia.

Now as per usual Thomas has given a very descriptive account of the days events, but has left out some of the best photos....on purpose I feel, so I just have to show them...don't I?

and the best one...
We also managed to just about to squeeze into some royal clothing...although I look more like a skivvy than someone royal. I thought since Thomas likes to spend such a lot of his time on the "throne"....dressing him up as the king was suitable.
We actually had the opportunity to go inside the Mausoleum in the afternoon which was amazing. Thomas has some wonderful pictures of the inside of check his blog out and then visit flickr to see most of them. All in all a very educational day.

So we definitely had lots of laughter today...and at night it was no different as we got the good old tennis table out. Such fun! So...thank you Thomas, Dayna and Miriam for a truly wonderful day.

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