Saturday, September 29, 2007


Don't know whether you have heard of the new sensation of music that is RyanDan. They are canadian twins who have amazing voices. One's called Ryan and the other Dan....any surprises there with the name and all!

Anyway, I saw an advert on the tv advertising their self named debut album "RyanDan". I heard just a short clip of their latest single, "Like the Sun". I instantly loved it.

You just have to check the song aren't really showing the full video so the best place to check the song out is on their actual website. As soon as you visit their site the video will play....check it

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Charlotte's Web

I love friday nights! As much as possible we like to spend quality time with the family watching a film. As a child I read Charlotte's Web and loved it......cried my eyes out but loved it none the less. I always meant to get round to watching the film.....but with a fear of spiders...sitting watching a film with one in it...playing one of the main roles, well i would miss most of the film if I looked away everytime it came on.

Anyway....we went to our local library and rented it out. Thomas cooked Chicken fajitas...the kids helped set the coffee table in the livingroom, and we all knelt round the table eating together. The dvd was popped on and although briefly I felt uncomfortable with the sight of little old charlotte......................

...........................................I soon began to warm to her.

Little Wilbur was just the cutest pig EVER!!! (When I was young I always said I was going to own a Vietnamese pot belly pig!!!!) Julia Roberts voice is well suited to Charlotte the spider, and there are lots of other voices like John Cleese, and Oprah Winfrey starring in it too. The girl playing Fern is the beautiful Dakota Fanning, who also starred in "War of the Worlds" alongside Tom Cruise.

She reminds Thomas and I so much of Dayna. The ending was still incredibly sad. There is nothing like trying to hold back a flood of tears trying to hide that fact that you are indeed crying....and then someone in the room just happens to catch your eye and it all comes holding back....full on sobs. Yeah...that's pretty much what happened....then Dayna started, and of course Miriam joined in too. Thomas avoided all eye contact from that point on so I think we can safely say that he too was feeling the pain.

Anyway...if you haven't seen it, give it a go, even if you don't like spiders like me...believe me you will still fall in love with Charlotte. It's a great film for the family to share, and it certainly warms the heart....and that's not too bad a thing to happen these it?
Here's the trailer...

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

I survived

Isobel, the community manager whom I assist was off today and is off tomorrow, so today was my first proper time to be managing everything. Firstly I had to set up for the toddlers and manage that until 11.30 while preparing food for the luncheon club. A 3 course meal is served every week day and then obviously all the clearing away and tidying up the hall all has to be done. So hooray....I survived. It's always good to get something you've been dreading happening out of the way. At least I know what I'm doing now.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The new Mr & Mrs Pentney!

Congratulations Jane an Ross who are now married! We had an absolutely wonderful day on Saturday. Jane looked stunning and Ross was very handsome in his "Spirit of Bannockburn" kilt. Thomas was Ross' Bestman...............

.........................................and looked HOT!

Joanne, Lauren and Dayna were bridesmaids and they all looked beautiful....Miriam was a flower girl, and she certainly got the aw's from everybody! Jane's two nephews Euan and Andrew were so cute as pageboys.

Jane and Ross had asked me to sing at their wedding, so as you can see the whole family were involved, and we are so grateful that we could be so involved in such a special day for Jane & Ross. Everything went perfect. Beautiful sunshine..........

great wedding service led by Major Alec Still, lovely hotel, fantastic speeches..(Thomas' was sooooo funny!) lovely food and a great ceilidh at night.

What made the whole experience even more wonderful was being able to share in breakfast with the whole family (including the very tired new Mr and Mrs Pentney!!!) the next morning at the hotel. We have always been close to Jane and her Dad, but to be made to feel as if we were part of the family and not just "cling-ons" was the icing on the cake for us.

I took lots of photos and I took some video too. I'm currently working on editing various folks film and I'm going to try to bring the whole thing together and make their wedding DVD....NO PRESSURE!!!

Just lastly before I go I just have to say that my two girls were perfectly behaved, and really made Thomas and I proud. They looked so so so beautiful. The picture below has to be my favourite.....everyone is commenting on it. I saw this lovely tree with the sun shining through and I thought what a perfect backdrop for a photo. I grabbed Dayna & Miriam and got them to pose and I am delighted with the outcome. I have one already blown up and framed in my livingroom.

Now...are those not two beautiful girls?

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Janey's Hen Weekend

On Saturday three cars travelled down to York filled with friends and family to share in Janey's Hen weekend. Janey and Roscoe's big day is on the 22nd we thought York would be a great location for the weekend. We stopped for a break at Lockerbie because we know the officers stationed their at the Salvation Army.....Major's Margaret and Jim Prescott, and they have a lovely coffee shop. We spent about an hour and a half there enjoying the excellent food put on for us. I had the most tastiest bacon and tatty scone roll I have ever had. Not a bit of fat on the bacon, and that was just spot on for me. So thank you Margaret and Jim for the lovely welcome and hospitality.

We then headed off to York, and besides traffic jams at Scotch Corner, the journey was pleasant and trouble free. We arrived in York around 1.45pm and dropped off our stuff at the Ramada Encore Hotel. We were so fortunate as the hotel was situated right beside the main shops and 10 minutes walk from York Minister, which is beautiful!

After popping our stuff into our rooms,we all headed out to the shops as we needed to meet up with Janey's sister-in-law and her friend who had travelled from Husband's Bosworth....and yes...that is the name of a place! Joanne and Lauren, who are the bridesmaids had some plans up their sleeve for the weekend....all clean fun. The first task was a scavenger find things such as a bus ticket....a button...5 York Tourist attractions leaflets....something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue......a foreign coin and then one of the hardest things, which none of us were able to find was a coin dated with the bride's birth year!

We had a coffee stop at Costa's and then headed back to the hotel to get freshened up before going out for our dinner. Ruth. the Mother of the Groom had booked us into another hotel for dinner, and so we headed there for 6pm. Joanne and Lauren had brought lots of wee goodies for Jane to wear. The essential thing for a bride to be...a flashing learner plate....she also had to wear a crown, and a pink fluffy wand which made Janey all excited...anything pink and fluffy and she's happy.

Both Joanne and Lauren wore crowns which said "bridesmaids", so I think Jane was quite glad that she wasn't the only one wearing something embarrassing.

We shared a lovely meal together and at the end of it Jane was presented with small memento's from each of us. We had been asked by Joanne to bring a small thing that reminded us of Janey and she would be able to keep everything as a keepsake. She got all sorts of lovely things such as photo frames as she is forever filling her house with photos....fluffy socks, another favourite....nurse teddies as Janey is a nurse....and so on. Now what did I bring for my best friend? Well I have known Janey for a long, long time....we go way back....and I thought really hard on what reminds me of Janey. I decided it could only be one thing....a whoopee cushion....let's just say that she isn't called bright and breezy Janey for nothing. Thomas always says that Janey is like a sister to him, and believe me, there are definite similarities between them both in that department. Janey took the joke in good style as always.

We then headed over the bridge for a ghost walk which was starting at 8pm. We all didn't know what to expect and were a wee bit concerned about Sarah in case she got a fright and the baby popped out too soon. You will be glad to hear that it wasn't too bad at all, infact it was really enjoyable as the chap leading the walk was such a laugh and was so nice. He even slipped in a few bride ghost stories to wind up Janey....and I think it did a wee bit! The look on her face! Infact while on the ghost walk I took a few pictures and they came out very mysterious......spooky!

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel and enjoyed coffee's, teas and hot chocolate's at the bar. Here more games took place.....each of us putting three items from our handbag into an envelope, and then having to guess whose stuff belonged to who was quite good fun. Of course Janey was set up....Joanne had made up a special envelope with stuff inside just claiming to be Janey's. There was a big deal there and then a Purple Ronnie book came out with let's just say an ever so slightly embarrassing topic about men's delicate areas.

Janey couldn't believe that everyone thought it was hers, and even when Joanne opened up the book to read the inscription "this book belongs to Jane Anderson" she insisted profusely that it was not hers. She knew she had been well set up. And as for the third item....I couldn't tell you....we paid no attention after laughing so hard to Janey reading out some poems from the Purple Ronnie book. After playing another game some of us went back to our room, and had some chocolate and crisps and tea, while having a scream with the whoopee cushion. What a laugh!

It would be fair to say that Janey was exhausted after a day of shinanigins!

On the Sunday we shared breakfast together and then went out shopping before heading back up home. It was a great weekend...lots of fun and laughter was had by all. Roscoe's stag weekend this week! Behave yourself boys.

So here's to you both, Jane and Ross and your married life together.

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