Monday, August 27, 2007

Community Co-ordinator Assistant.

This is my job title for my new job. I am currently working two jobs at the moment. I am working my 4 weeks notice at Hamilton Salvation Army and have started work at life is a wee bit busy and tiring at the moment.

I have been in my new job now for just over a week and I'm really enjoying it. At Bellshill we have a luncheon club on every day from 12-1pm and mainly elderly people come along and for the bargain price of £2, receive a three course meal. I assist the Community Manager and help to get set up and ready for the meals to be served. Most of these folks are lonely and enjoy the company of others who come along, and it's great to know they are getting well fed and for the bargain price of only £10 a week. At night time they only need to think of getting themselves a snack and that's them.

Obviously there is a lot of clearing up, washing and scrubbing involved...but I am enjoying being part of some community work at our church. The only thing I am a bit apprehensive about is when the Community Manager is on holiday, as I will have to go in early and run toddlers, and prepare and make the food and set up and all that stuff. Aaagghh! I'm sure I will manage but it's just the unknown at the moment.

So I am looking forward to having just one job to contend with in a few weeks time, but in the meanwhile, I just have to get on with it!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Christmas cards?

Yes... believe it or not, I have been given an order from a lady who wants 30 Christmas cards made. She likes to be well organised and so I have been trying to come up with some fresh new ideas. And these are the finished results.

I am quite pleased with them and so they are now the latest addition to my freewebs site believehandmade.

I will hopefully sell these individually as well as in packs.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Remember this?

I was listening to Radio One the other day, and Jo Whiley has a spot at round about 11.30am which is called changing tracks. This basically is a chance for people to send in stories about their lives and then give the name of a song which has helped them through some tough time. This particular day, Jo read the story of a young man who basically chose the wrong path in live, turned his back on his family and started to steal and do other stuff just for attention. He used to have a close relationship with his sister but she moved away and this seemed to be the catalyst for the bad behaviour. One day the song "Everybody's free to wear sunscreen" by Baz Luhrmann came on the radio and although he had heard it before, he found this time that it really spoke to him and challenged him to think about his life choices and about his family. I'm glad to say that the song literally changed his life. The life of crime is no longer one that he wishes to pursue and family bonds are being joined back together.

I remember sitting in the car park at New Lanark with the girls in the back, Thomas and I listening with amazement to this track when it first came out. I had forgotten all about it and just how thought provoking it is! Go on...have a listen!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Feels like ages

It feels like ages since I've been blogging....that's probably because it has been ages! This past month has been CRAZY...but a good one! First of all our holiday to Fort William which was fantastic but seems like an age away already, then a week back quickly unpacking, washing, ironing and repacking again for our stay at Summer School.....which was AMAZING! As you can guess it wasn't a relaxing holiday but certainly a working one, but one that I and Thomas enjoyed tremendously, and would absolutely do again. So many wonderful people, and what a wonderful God..put them together and you have a taste of heaven...can't wait!

The girls stayed at my mum and dad's for the first part of that week and then they went to their other gran and papa's for the next part. They had a ball. Thanks to both mum's and dad's!!!

Unfortunately during these weeks we had some times when we were being pestered by my "stalker"...which I don't want to go into too much detail about on the blog but this was a situation we had to deal with on a number of occassions and it did give us a bit of bother. I do have to say a huge thank you to Janey who passed on the message of the "stalker's" telephone calls left on our answering machine to us both times when we were on holiday. Janey was looking after our house and our pets and kept us informed on the latest from the "stalker".
So thank you Janey and Ross for you help and support and for allowing us to hide up in your home on a few occasions worried incase "he" just popped by!

Thank you too, to my dear Thomas who phoned "him" and tried to tell him in a firm but gentle way that this wasn't normal behaviour. Unfortunately he still turned up on Sunday Morning at our church with more gifts for me, but again thanks to all of those who stayed beside me when he was talking to me, and for helping to support me through such a weird situation.

Also while we were at Summer School one of our gerbils, "Heidi" died, and it's cage mate "Woody" didn't look too well when we got home. She looked so lonely and didn't look as if she had been eating. She also seemed to be disoriented and kept falling over to one side. I checked out the internet and one site said that they can just be so lonely they just give up and die. I obviously didn't want this to happen so I spent a few days really giving her lots of attention and making sure food and drink was close beside her. She's still quite sad looking but putting weight on which is good.

I am also going to be starting a new job next week working at Bellshill Salvation Army helping there with the Lunch club Monday to Friday, and am looking forward to meeting new people and being able to share with them....although I am pretty apprehensive about doing the cooking when the cook is on holiday!....AAAaaaaghh. Never mind, I'm sure I will learn! Unfortunately I have had to hand in my notice to Hamilton Salvation Army where I have worked for the past three years, and it was a pleasure doing my best to keep the church clean, tidy and fit for use, and I will miss it!'s been busy, and I can't believe my girls go back to school on Thursday, ALREADY. I hate getting back into a routine...I like the unpredictable days that school holidays bring. These past weeks have just flown by.....hey Dayna and Miriam...I will miss you!

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