Saturday, November 03, 2007


I'm just in from our Saturday night Congress Meeting. I had received an email a few months ago saying that I was opening the congress with Christ of Calvary to the too high for me tune Annie Laurie. That was news to me as I had never been asked. I'm sure like most vocalists choosing a song that suits your style and singing is extremely important. Annie Laurie is never one that I would attempt unless the key could be brought down. The idea was that I would sing and then in the last verse I would invite the congregation to join in.

I've been dreading it to be honest for quite some time, but I thought, never mind I'm sure the pianist will be able to lower the key so that I can comfortably sing. Unfortunately for me I was being accompanied by the band. No lower key for me! One very quick run through this afternoon and that was me.....left feeling sick for the rest of the day.

Most folks are kind and say 'don't worry about it, you'll be just fine", and in normal circumstances with my own choice of song, at least you have a pretty good chance. Standing up tonight with all of my confidence running off the stage.....looking out at a couple of thousand folks, knowing full well you are not capable of being yourself and instead trying to just scrape by is terrifying.

The first verse didn't go particularly well. No volume was coming from my mike and so i was trying to sing as loud as I could...then it came on. Got to the chorus...painfully high for me. I was shaking. Inside I was trying to tell myself to calm down and just do my best. The rest went a bit better but I didn't enjoy singing......and left the stage feeling so let down by my inadequate vocal range.

I'm not trying to big myself up at all, please don't get me wrong, but to get the opportunity to sing in front of so many people and not be able to sing at my best for God just leaves me feeling utterl gutted. The majority of people there would have no idea that I was under duress with the song and so no doubt will have been saying, oh she's not very good. Why have they asked her. I am by no means a Marjory Watson or a Jane Brill...I just have an ordinary voice...but I know if I could have had my choice I could have done so much better.

Never the less, I can't undo what is done and I will just have to face more people tomorrow like tonight who so kindly are saying..."you did fine" and you know that they are thinking the same as you.

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