Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The new Mr & Mrs Pentney!

Congratulations Jane an Ross who are now married! We had an absolutely wonderful day on Saturday. Jane looked stunning and Ross was very handsome in his "Spirit of Bannockburn" kilt. Thomas was Ross' Bestman...............

.........................................and looked HOT!

Joanne, Lauren and Dayna were bridesmaids and they all looked beautiful....Miriam was a flower girl, and she certainly got the aw's from everybody! Jane's two nephews Euan and Andrew were so cute as pageboys.

Jane and Ross had asked me to sing at their wedding, so as you can see the whole family were involved, and we are so grateful that we could be so involved in such a special day for Jane & Ross. Everything went perfect. Beautiful sunshine..........

great wedding service led by Major Alec Still, lovely hotel, fantastic speeches..(Thomas' was sooooo funny!) lovely food and a great ceilidh at night.

What made the whole experience even more wonderful was being able to share in breakfast with the whole family (including the very tired new Mr and Mrs Pentney!!!) the next morning at the hotel. We have always been close to Jane and her Dad, but to be made to feel as if we were part of the family and not just "cling-ons" was the icing on the cake for us.

I took lots of photos and I took some video too. I'm currently working on editing various folks film and I'm going to try to bring the whole thing together and make their wedding DVD....NO PRESSURE!!!

Just lastly before I go I just have to say that my two girls were perfectly behaved, and really made Thomas and I proud. They looked so so so beautiful. The picture below has to be my favourite.....everyone is commenting on it. I saw this lovely tree with the sun shining through and I thought what a perfect backdrop for a photo. I grabbed Dayna & Miriam and got them to pose and I am delighted with the outcome. I have one already blown up and framed in my livingroom.

Now...are those not two beautiful girls?

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