Friday, August 17, 2007

Remember this?

I was listening to Radio One the other day, and Jo Whiley has a spot at round about 11.30am which is called changing tracks. This basically is a chance for people to send in stories about their lives and then give the name of a song which has helped them through some tough time. This particular day, Jo read the story of a young man who basically chose the wrong path in live, turned his back on his family and started to steal and do other stuff just for attention. He used to have a close relationship with his sister but she moved away and this seemed to be the catalyst for the bad behaviour. One day the song "Everybody's free to wear sunscreen" by Baz Luhrmann came on the radio and although he had heard it before, he found this time that it really spoke to him and challenged him to think about his life choices and about his family. I'm glad to say that the song literally changed his life. The life of crime is no longer one that he wishes to pursue and family bonds are being joined back together.

I remember sitting in the car park at New Lanark with the girls in the back, Thomas and I listening with amazement to this track when it first came out. I had forgotten all about it and just how thought provoking it is! Go on...have a listen!

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