Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In us I believe

I don't know how you feel about weddings and newly weds but they always help me to take stock of what I have in my life. Jane and Ross, as you may know already, got married a month ago (can't believe that...already?). Since then I have never seen two people smile so much. We see each other regularly but when I was over last night after our bible study Jane and I chatted for a while. Ross was upstairs doing something and Jane was just casually chatting about how great it was to be married and how it just felt so natural and right to come home to Ross and to be man and wife. When Ross came downstairs both their faces lit up and it was just the most amazing thing to witness. I have known Jane for many years...she is my dearest friend. She has known many heartaches in her life, the worst being the loss of her mother. To see that she has found true happiness in someone who has become special to us over these last few years is just such a blessing.

All of this and seeing them so in love has been in my mind these past few weeks. There is nothing like falling in love, when everything is new and fresh and exciting. It's only the start of hopefully a lifelong journey together and with relatively little to worry about at this stage, you can really just wallow in the love that you have for each other.

Naturally this has all been getting me thinking about Thomas and I. Remembering with fondness way back 10 years ago when we had just got married. Remembering the times when we didn't have many things to worry about...remembering coming home to one another after work and just cuddling up together and just soaking up the opportunity to be in one another's company.

Over the years as children come along and the stresses of life come too, finding time like in those days to just cuddle up, is sadly at times just a memory. I don't think I am alone in feeling this way, I think it's a reality for most married folks. However I don't want to look back and feel a sadness because things aren't the same now as they were then. My love for Thomas has grown stronger through the years...he is the father of my two beautiful girls...we have been through and shared so much together. I simply couldn't be without him.

I really don't ever want to take what we have for granted. I don't want life to pass us by...I want to cherish every moment. So Thomas, I know we may have lost that freshness of love that once we had, and we can't really get that back and on thinking about it I don't suppose we should want it back because our love has matured and grown into what we have now.

I heard this song from the new Ryandan album while you were out at Songsters tonight. And I wanted to let you know that "In us I believe"

At the first sight of you
I knew that you were special
Oh you left me warm but confused
I loved you so that I
Could not breathe
Because in us I believe

When we are apart
I still can feel you with me
I can trace every line in my mind
You are etched all over the heart of me
Because in us I believe

And we have all the time in the world
You and me
Because in us I believe
Yes, in us I believe

Thomas......I love you!

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