Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"V" versus "Star Trek"!


My beloved but yet clearly confused husband [headphonaught], basically holds the mistaken belief that Star Trek is a better series than "V". I mean, I love him...but c'mon....this is just... plain... wrong!

Nearly 65 million people watched the original 'V' mini-series, and when you see the rockin' '80s style special effects you’ll know why!

Did you know by the way, that Dennis McCarthy actually wrote the music for the series of V as well as for Star Trek!!!! Anyway,... here are some reasons why V was the best!

Memorable quotes you say...I'll go a wee bit better than that...
Lydia: You know, I've never lost in mortal combat.
: Idiot. If you had, you'd be dead.

[Nathan Bates is apparently collaborating with the Visitors]
Mike Donovan: We know Bates is in bed with Diana.
Willie: Really? I did not know that.
Elias Taylor: It's a figure of speech, Willie.
Willie: With Diana... one never knows.

Mike Donovan: I thought you can drive.
Ham Tyler: I thought you can shoot.

Have you ever seen Captain Kirk wear jeans that were so tight you wondered if he as able to have any kids in real life? don't think so!!

Does your series star the gentle fifth columnist Willie before we all saw him starring as the terrifying Freddy Kruger?Have you ever seen Captain Kirk swallow a guinea pig in one go just like Diana? ...think not!!

You say Uhuru was a fox....check Diana out...need I say anymore?

V was all about fighting for our freedom and protecting human life as we know it and its earthly resources....for the short time that it was on, it just seemed to bring us all together as a nation, proud to be inhabitants of the planet earth...oh and it was fun whooping those aliens backsides! (in comparison to star trek which just seems to go on and on and on and doesn't really do...anything)!

Oh yeah, and the tune

do do do do do do do!
do do do do do do do!

You know what I'm talkin' about.

What do you think?

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