Thursday, August 24, 2006

"Jump in my car"

As a kid I absolutely adored Knightrider. My dad owned a beautiful black "Princess" with its velour seats, and I felt like I was driving around in KITT. But also... being a gal...David Hasselhoff was not particularly hard on the eye...if you know what I mean!!

But tell me...please....what has happened to the sanity of the man!

I was looking through google video and came across one of his many outrageous songs. I mean...have you heard any of his stuff...or even worse have you seen any of his video's. The song is entitled "Jump in my car" and I'm not sure whether David is actually taking the mickey out of himself. Surely it must be a joke....because if not....OH MY GOODNESS!

The video actually includes KITT and just watch out for one of the tricks Kitt performs at the end .....if you can bear cringing enough to watch all the way through.

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