Thursday, March 08, 2007

A wonderful time!

Last weekend was fantastic. My only complaint was that it passed by too quickly! Staying at the Point Hotel was a great experience, and we would definately go back. Being in Edinburgh and so close to the castle and the shops was also ideal. Our room was amazing, and the Jacuzzi even more so.

We had a laugh when we arrived in our room. When I went into the bathroom to check out the double jacuzzi, I couldn't believe my eyes. The bath was huge about 2 and a half times the width of a usual bath...but at first I thought there were two of them...couldn't quite understand why and then as I went to investigate and nearly smacked into the wall of mirror, I realised that it was only a reflection and a pretty good illusion. Hopefully the photo reveals what I saw!

Spending time with Thomas with no distractions, or things to comsume our time was truly wonderful. I enjoyed every moment of it. Check out the pictures at flickr, and also check out Thomas' blog aka headphonaught for a more detailed recap of our time in the auld reekie!

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