Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My retirement!

On Sunday I officially retired as Assistant Singing Company Leader. I took on the position 7 years ago and last year was approached by Ruth (the Singing Company Leader) and was asked it I would take on the role of leadership so that she could retire after 17 years of service. I decided to take a few weeks just to pray about it, and I really felt that the Lord was telling me no. I am involved in Alpha, house groups, B.L.O.C., senior band, songsters and singing company and I am also quite frequently out singing's hard trying to be part of all of these things without it affecting other parts of your life especially family. I knew that B.L.O.C. Alpha and house groups were my passion and I truly feel that God is wanting me to focus on these things and to "hand the baton" so to say on to someone else. Pamela is now leading our Singing Company and has a new way of leading the kids. I didn't want to stay around too long and then leave and cause more disturbance for the kids, so I thought this was the best time and it just allows Pamela to get into her own routine and hopefully soon chooses a suitable assistant.

On Sunday afternoon I was presented with a gift from the Singing Company. It's called an Infinity Candle, and it's really quite nice. Hopefully the boys in the alto section will sing up now that they are one down.

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