Wednesday, February 21, 2007

House Groups

The past few weeks at our church house groups have been fantastic. Ruth, Roscoe's mum has kindly opened up her home and has been facilitating the topic and discussion which she is great at! We've been studying the book of Exodus and have been following the story of Moses over these past few weeks. It's amazing what comes through a passage that before you would never have given any thought to. We have another house group being run at Kenny and Sarah's on a Monday as well, so numbers are growing and things are going well. If you are not involved in one, or don't have one.... get involved....create one...they are such an important part of "Church" and such an important part of our individual, as well as corporate, spiritual growth.

So thank you Ruth..."you da man!" or should I say "you da woman!" (just a wee joke from previous week)

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