Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Nice week!

This last week has been a mixture of a few really relaxing and some really busy days. Enjoyed spending some quality time with the girls and with Thomas on a few evenings last week which was really lovely. On Saturday Thomas and I were asked to help out at the "Outside out" Youth Rally that was held in Glasgow. We were there from 10.30am to about 9.30pm so it was a long day, but not as long as some of the technical team who had been there from 7am and were still about when we left. My lovely husband Thomas aka the headphonaught had blogged about the day and has some pics too so check that out!

On Sunday it was just as busy. Morning service, then Singing Company (Junior Choir) practice, home quick for lunch, back out to the church for 4pm for a B.L.O.C. practice and then into our evening service followed at 8pm by S.N.A.C. Exhausting but well worth it. Another great day. We were able to share in a love feast together in our evening's fellowship during our S.N.A.C. get together and the whole evening was just a great success and God's presence was ever near.

We had a laugh on Monday. I was dropping Thomas off at the train station in the morning so that he could catch the train to work, and he said in the car on the way...I have a strange feeling I have a holiday off work at round about this time. When he got to work and checked, he realised that he was supposed to be off that very day as well as the Friday before. Thomas you are such a numpty! Never mind, it was nice that you were able to get yesterday off instead and another day in a few weeks time.

Couldn't believe it last night! We have our church choir, our Songster practice on a Tuesday evening and Thomas and I usually take turns each week to go so that one of us are in the house with the girls. Last night we forgot all about it. I couldn't believe it. For some reason it didn't even click with either of us that it was Tuesday. I think because Thomas was off and the girls were still off school on holiday that it just threw us. Didn't realise till about 10 ish...Ooooops! But don't worry I have sent a very apologetic email to our Songster leader.

On the positive side though we did spend that time in a quality way...we watched a film together with the girls.

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