Saturday, January 06, 2007

Productive day!

Today has been a good day. We took Pippin out in the car with us. She absolutely hates the car. Just one mention of the word car and she runs upstairs and hides. It's quite ironic really! We got a dog partly because as a family we like the outdoors...we like to go for walks...and we always try to encourage the girls to enjoy the great outdoors, and having a dog we felt would just enhance the whole outdoor experience. We like to drive out to Tinto, to Lanark Loch and to Chatlerault Park, and so Pippin enjoying travelling in the car would really help. Don't get me wrong, she manages it, but it can be a bit of a struggle, especially on the way there. Thankfully on the way back she is quite tired and so she settles a bit more. We decided to go to Drumpellier Park. So we dragged Pippin into the car, got the girls in and off we went. We enjoyed the walk around the loch and Pippin got absolutely filthy...but she was quite happy. The girls played in the park there for a short time and then after popping the rather filthy Pippin into the car (with the window down off course) we nipped into the cafe to grab a bit of lunch. Pippin looked zonked when we got back to the car.

Later we headed to the Industrial Estate at Uddingston as I was looking for a few black and white accessories for my hallway. I wasn't too successful in that department other than purchasing a rather lovely black orchid plant in a white wooden box (artificial of course) which was a bargain at £4.99......and a beautiful tea light holder with a £2.50 reduction because there was little chip at the back of it, which can't be seen anyway. Then I saw some beautiful curtains with 20% off, and thought that they would just be perfect in my hallway. I have a window in the hall downstairs as well as at the top of the landing, so these were ideal. I think they look fab...I'm dead chuffed!When we got home I put my new curtains up, and then made dinner. I made my mum's famous cheese and bread pudding (which confusingly isn't really a pudding!) with some roast tatties and peas. Lovely...just a nice wee tasty bite as my gran would say! We then settled down together to watch Cheaper by the dozen 2. It was on the Sky movies and we hadn't seen it as the kids enjoyed the first film we knew they would enjoy it too. It was actually a really good laugh. I love Steve Martin, and although he maybe isn't in as many funny films as he used to be or because he isn't quite the same as the old Steve Martin as we all remember, I still think he is brilliant.After that Thomas got the girls into a bath. I then started to build the new rowing machine I had bought for Thomas to help him with his new year resolution. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. When I opened it up I thought "Oh no!".... and actually left it for a day because I had a sore neck and thought it would be a real struggle to build...but it wasn't really too bad at all. So Thomas, I am going to help encourage you all I can....I love you and although it wold be nice for you to lose some weight, it's your health that is most important to me.So, it has been a good productive day...and those are usually the best. What kind of day have you had?


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