Friday, December 22, 2006

What....pour homme?

I like to find a nice fragrance. There's not many I can pick from as I can quite easily take a bad headache if the aroma doesn't agree with me. We had been at the Asda Living store one night and there was a perfume counter with two trays of sample bottles. Obviously I went to the ladies tray and was having a gentle smell of the perfumes. One in particular just seemed to go down well with whatever picky smelling senses I have. This particular scent passed the headache or feeling of sickness was coming over me. I of course had a wee spray, and we went on our way. As the night progressed I felt the smell was even nicer and I told Thomas that I was really keen to get a bottle of it.

It was "Colours" from Benetton. Tonight I decided to go and get a bottle. I went into Asda...over to the perfume counter. The bottle was still on the ladies tray, and so I had another sniff to make sure I had the right stuff, and then asked an assistant if she could find me a bottle from the cabinet as I seemed unable to pick it out. She too struggled to find it....until....we saw the colours perfume was in a "pour homme" box. The lady searched through the boxes and couldn't see anything else, so the last thing to check was just to open the box up and see the bottle. It was identical to the one I had sprayed. The lady couldn't believe it...they had believed it to be a ladies perfume and plenty of women had been trying it out. She had a spray herself and couldn't understand why it would be a guys perfume. It didn't smell like what a man would also had reminded me of a perfume a few people I know wear.

So I said to the lady, "never mind I like it, tell me how much it costs."...expecting about £25 or so....she checked it on her till and said..."'s down to £5....I think I'll get some too!".
So of course I said..."I'll definately have it." The bottle itself doesn't say anything on it regarding gender so it doesn't matter but I just thought that it was quite funny. So there you go....I'll be wearing man's cologne. It will be quite interesting to see what the response is like from people when I wear it.

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