Monday, December 18, 2006


Anyone that knows me will know that I love three part harmony. I love listening to "The Martins", who are a Christian family who sing together, (although recently have decided to follow their own solo careers)... and their harmonies and choices of songs are amazing. I use a lot of their backing tracks for my own use when singing. A year ago my sister and I discovered this group..."Lordsong". We hadn't heard of them before, and so we were pleasantly surprised when we discovered the similarity was there between them and "The Martins" in their style of singing and harmonizing.

My sister and brother-in-law and I love to sing together....but we don't get a chance to as often as we would like due to the fact that we attend different corps. Thankfully recently we have been able to sing out a few times together and we just love it. We love to harmonize and people often say that we sing well together and that our voices blend well. We find "The Martins" and most recently "Lordsong" to be our inspiration, and we are currently trying to get our hands on more "Lordsong" backing tracks which are pretty hard to come by.

Anyway...found this video on youtube. It's called"Wandering Heart"

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