Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Hey Thomas....we have another pet. Yes that's right...another one! We already have a dog, two gerbils, and 3 budgies...but now we have a hamster called George. Why George...well Miriam said that he looked like a there you go! Went into pet shop to buy budgie seed, had my two girls crying and pleading for George...and my heart was torn. Will I buy I won't ...well maybe I don't be silly...and then when Miriam actually went and got the woman to get George out and into a box, I knew that that was that! We were now the proud owner of yet another pet. What a sucker!

Anyway, he is pretty lovely. The picture above is not George.....I couldn't take a picture as Thomas has the camera away with him...but this is pretty much what he looks like! Quite chubby and fluffy!

So...Thomas what do you have to say to that?

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