Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Crafty purchase!!

Been busy with the card making for the last month or so, and have just got quite a few large orders finished and packed. I must confess that I quite often watch the "create & craft" channel. The majority of the cards made are not really my particular taste, but I enjoy watching the tools and materials that they use...and occasionally I can be inspired to create something.

I've been watching them using a heat gun...which is a tool that blows gently but gives off a very intense heat. You can do a number of things with them...but quite simply the idea is that you use a stamp with a nice design on it or perhaps it may just be ink up your stamp with an ink that is not too quick a drying one...pour embossing powder over the stamped image...and then heat with the heat gun. It's brilliant to watch, as all of a sudden the powder kind of melts and leaves a shiny raised print which is then attached to your paper or card. It gives a really professional finish to an otherwise boring stamped image.

I treated myself to one of these today, and I've been experimenting with larger stamps to make a main design...but also with tiny little stamps which can be placed randomly over card and then embossed to make lovely backing paper for cards or scrap-booking.

So I guess I had better get on with my own Christmas cards now!

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