Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Yesterday while I was working at Hamilton Salvation Army, my car was broken into and my bag was stolen. I don't make a habit of leaving my bag in the car...infact I didn't even know it was there or I would have taken it in to work with me, but I must have left it in the car on Sunday. I usually put it down below my seat but someone obviously has been on the lookout. I couldn't believe it. What a EVERYWHERE! You know what it's like. The absolute hassle of cancelling ALL your accounts, and trying to get by over the next few weeks without having to use them.

Of course when trying to get the glass repaired it did come to my attentions as to how exactly I was going to pay for it since my purse and all my cards had been stolen....aaaahhhhh! Thomas had to come home early from work to withdraw money and get that sorted.

The most heartwarming thing was that my two lovely girls after hearing the story ( and Dayna bursting into tears) girls came to my room and presented me with their piggy bank....saying "here mum, you can have our money since you don't have any" WOW...I was so touched. I didn't accept of course...but as the week goes on and the craving for a wee chocolate bar comes on it does...who know girls....fancy treating your poor mum to a bit of Cadbury's?

I was later presented with a card from them both saying "I love you Mum" and I was also given two shells from their collection to help me feel better. They made me laugh after a horrible day. Thank you girls...I LOVE YOU TOO!

The day was finished off with another great night at Alpha. The talk was about "How can I be sure of my faith?"...and Alec presented that to the group. B.L.O.C. played three songs..."Come, now is the time to worship"..."Open the eyes of my heart, Lord"...and "Blessed be Your name"
A good end to a pretty horrible day!

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