Thursday, October 12, 2006


A few folk have been asking how last week went with the recordings. To be honest I have been exhausted all week and would have liked to have got blogging sooner...but now is better than never! The recording was alot more stressful than the last time....of course trying to record 2 CD's in almost the same time as doing one, may have had something to do with that. Emotions were very high at times, and I found the whole experience, including my recordings, very stressful and sadly not as enjoyable as the first time.

I think both Gemma and myself felt very rushed to get our songs recorded and it was hard to relax, but nevertheless we got it done. I just pray that the tracks will bless someone out there...otherwise what is the point? I've always said, and I said it to our bandmaster and to the engineer who was doing the recording... that the minute that anything I sing hasn't got the chance of blessing someone... then I will stop... and I don't mean that like it's anything to do with my voice, but rather that you need to be challenged and blessed yourself with the song before you can sing it out with any hope to bless others. I will never sing anything if it has no meaning for me.

The second track I recorded was for a musical CD. This CD is going to have some of Andrew Llloyd Webber's music and some army musical stuff. I have to confess that I struggled with my choice, which was to pick something from the army musicals. Anyone who knows me knows I don't do army songs as solos. I use backing tracks and the songs are usually from Twila Paris, The Martins, Jaci Valesquez... etc... etc..... so this was a real challenge for me to just sing with Yvonne accompanying me on piano and singing Burning, Burning... as it was the only song... out of a not so desirable bunch... left to sing. I must confess that over the summer holidays I really felt that God had placed this song on my heart and that I was meant to sing it. The chorus features such strong words... and even for those of you who have heard it sang so blandly over the years... you can't deny the power of them...
"To Your will my will is turning...
What YOU will, I WANT to be."
I don't think the idea of the song, Burning burning appealed to a few people; their views on the song after hearing it sung by songsters so many times may perhaps have blinded them to the fact that it is actually a great song. So I felt that I really had to prove something. Yvonne and I changed the very rigid style of the song into something more laid back. I was very emotional while singing the song and I just tried to blank everything else out and just sing to God. The song I believe comes over to be very vulnerable and stripped bear of all that fancy singing... yet I believe its pretty gutsy too!

I was really really upset over the weekend with the lack of encouragement I got for singing the song. I was made to feel as if it in some way would "spoil" the CD, and certainly wouldn't have the effect that "Written in red" had. Well this isn't "Written in red"... but I put as much of myself into this track as I did with that one too... so I guess I just have to leave it in God's hand, and that He will use this song not necessarily my voice... to at least bless one person out there.

I just have to say before I go... a BIG THANK YOU... to everyone for their support. It has not been the best of weeks, but your support and the support from my mum, dad, close friends... and of course Thomas... have certainly got me through.

Thanks everyone.

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