Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Not for girls eh?"

For those of you who don't know...I absolutely love chocolate...especially cadbury's! If I couldn't get Cadbury's... it would be Galaxy...but never EVER a Yorkie Bar. A few years back I quite enjoyed the occassional yorkie bar, but when they started the "not for girls" advertising...I boycotted all purchases due to this terrible crime that had been commited... called "sexism"...Although it's probably all a bit of tongue in cheek, I took offence...and still do if I'm honest. Obviously because the bar is supposedly so chunky and substantial...apparently as a girl...the weaker sex...I would find it all a bit too exhausting to deal with....I ridiculous...they obviously have not seen me eat!

I am a very determined girl and I hate to be treated unfairly because of my sex. I have never shrugged away from anything because it looks like a bit of hard labour, but instead I like to give it my best shot and more importantly, I like to be allowed to. I am a very physical, hands on person, and my hands are not soft and delicate...(and I do use fairly liquid!!). I get my hands dirty...I can't sit back and watch...I have to get involved. Thomas will vouch for that. I mean...I still like to be wooed and romanced, of course...but I refuse to be a stereotype.

I am particularly fond of keeping my garden nice, and I couldn't bear to see Thomas doing the would aggitate me. There would always be something he wasn't doing that I would normally do or vice versa and it would drive me mad. I can always remember coming home from the hospital after having Miriam and obviously should have been taking it easy, and the garden needed doing. Thomas decided he would be helpful and do it... I only lasted watching him for 30 seconds before I had to pick on something he was doing before I took the lawnmower into my own hands and carried on....unfortunately I was caught by the midwife doing her home visit and got an extremely stern look from her.

Anyway...I digress...What I'm trying to put over is that us women are not all the don't treat us that way. I can't abide ladies who refuse to get stuck in because they might break a nail....My nails are never perfect! There are ladies who love their men to do all the heavy work for them. Well, I believe if I can do it...I will...I'm not going to sit and wait for my husband to get home be for a job is done...that's just nonsense!

I do all the housework, all the lifting of heavy boxes up and down the loft...(and some of that stuff is extremely heavy!), I do the gardens, the car, the decorating, changing plugs...(no bother).. I put up new lightshades and deal with the wiring,...and so on and so forth. And yet when I am in the garden some stranger will walk by and say some stupid comment like...."That's what I like to see...and lady doing some work".

Now sometimes I do get really tired out and have a wee moan and ask Thomas if he could help out in the physical jobs more...but if I am honest....I enjoy doing what I's just nice if someone notices sometimes and appreciates all the hard work. I am so glad that Thomas deals with all the bills and the monetary side of things because I have no interest in that side of things at all. So that work out fine for us.

So there you rant is over...I feel much better. Believe it or not I was blogging with the intention to make my plea for a certain bar of chocolate to come back into full circulation, but I got side-tracked... so before I go I will do just that.

Spira Bars are one of my favourites. If you get a nice hot cup of tea and place the tip of one of the spira bars into it...just suck up the tea through it like a straw. Only do this for a few seconds and then the inside of the bar melts. Gently suck the bar and it will just melt so smoothly in your mouth and stick to all your teeth.... it is just amazing!

Anyway...lately in my local shop i have not been able to puchase this delectable bar...and so I feared the worst...that it had been taken off the market. When asking the chap behind the counter tonight if he had any stashed away...he said that he thinks cadbury's have stopped making them...NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You can't do that....IT'S NOT FAIR! There are after all only a few pleasures in life....and that was indeed one of them.

Let's get a petition going....BRING BACK THE SPIRA!!!

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