Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I have been lovin' listening to Delirious' album "World Service". What a fantastic album.. It's never off in the car, much so that the girls know pretty much all the songs and enjoy singing along to and from school most days.

We have had for a while the album which features Hillsong and Delirious,..."Unified Praise" and I have to confess that I've only listened to the first few tracks and didn't think too much about it. Today I put the album on a left it running on itunes while I was busy with my cards and as each track went on it got better and better. What a blessing I have had from listening to this. It features the absolutely amazing song "Majesty" and the interaction with the crowd in other tracks is just fantastic. Try and grab and copy and let it play on past the first few tracks and be prepared to be uplifted and challenged.

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