Sunday, September 10, 2006


Was looking at some photos on our computer, and came across this one from a few years back at our Planned Giving Dinner with our church. I couldn't believe the length of my hair and the lack in length of Thomas'!

Sunday's are usually quite hectic for us, and for the last few weeks extra band practises have been slipped into to an already busy schedule due to the recording of our next CD in a couple of weeks! This morning after our morning's service I was told that sadly there would be no practise, as alot of folks weren't able to manage!

I was so excited because it meant that I could chill out a bit in the afternoon....and that's exactly what we did. Thomas and I fell asleep for a good few hours...while thankfully the girls played on their computers! I really enjoyed spending quality time with Thomas, even if it meant we were sleeping...but it was just what we needed after a busy week. I know it's a bit sloppy for everyone else to read ...but hey...I love you Thomas!

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