Sunday, September 03, 2006

Great weekend!

I don't know about you...but I've had a great weekend! On Friday, Janey ...who has been a friend of mine and Thomas' for a long time... came over to stay. At night we went to our Church to have a B.L.O.C. practice, then afterwards we drove to the Glasgow Fort to visit T.K.Maxx and to have a beverage in Starbucks. In T.K.Maxx, Roscoe, (Janey's fiancee) saw a leather jacket he liked and was going to get Jane's opinion on it, but unfortunately the both of us had nipped off to another shop...funnily enough where Jane bought a jacket for herself!

When we were walking to Starbucks, Roscoe was absolutely sure he definately wanted this jacket and so he was going to get up nice and early and go to T.K.Maxx and purchase this desired we were all having a laugh at his determined nature... he was going to get it even if it meant coming back for the doors opening in the morning.

When we arrived at Starbucks, we noticed at the till that they were selling their water bottles at a reduced price from round about a tenner to £3.95. So Thomas rather fancied the orange one...(couldn't find a pic of orange). When I was being served the girl had trouble getting the correct price on her till...£4.95 was coming up instead...and so she had decided that since she couldn't change the amount she was just going to ask me for £! I don't think so. So I picked up another bottle to check its price and that one said £2.95....and so I actually managed to get his orange one for £2.95 as well. So that was great!!!

As we were heading back to the car, Thomas saw a trolley belonging to the Asda Living store way across at the other end of where Starbucks was...but fortunately our car was over that way too...and so in true Mathie fashion (with the chance of redeeming £1 by returning the trolley) Thomas promptly pops Miriam in for a ride and takes the trolley home... Dayna at this point is getting all excited at the concept of being able to possibly spend this £1 in Poundland!!
Two minutes later Dayna screamed out..."I've found money"...There on the road at an empty bus stop was a crushed up £5 note....then... when Thomas returned his trolley and got his well deserved £1 coin....he looked down and there was another £1 coin... All of us just could not stop laughing.....but what was funniest of all was that T.K.Maxx where diming their lights...and so Roscoe leapt over to see the opening times for the morning...there were still a few people being served...and so we dared him to run in and get the jacket as quickly as possible and buy it. He put his remaining coffee from starbucks on the ground outside the shop (as we had a take away) and bounded into the store and very proudly bought his jacket. I think the staff who were desperately trying to get home thought he was an absolute make me laugh!!!!

He was so was just hilarious

On Saturday we went shopping (to Poundland of course....can you imagine this...Dayna's stomach was churning with excitement in the morning because she was so excited to spend this money....IN POUNDLAND!!!). At night my mum and dad kindly looked after the girls as we headed out to celebrate Janey's 30th birthday.. Her birthday is on Monday but this was the best time for us to go out. We had the delightful company of obviously Janey and Roscoe, but also Kenneth and Sarah, and Lynn and Stuart. We had dinner at Ming's in Princess Square in Glasgow and I thoroughly enjoyed the Chicken teriyaki for starters..MMmmmmm!!!

Following that we all headed towards Beanscene and had such a laugh together for a few more hours. I so enjoy going out with great friends and just relaxing and being myself. So thank you all very much.....I really enjoyed your company.

On Sunday morning Capt. Alec really blessed us with his message. I hung on every word he was just wonderful.

On Sunday we had a barbecue at Roscoe's house for Jane...and so we had janey's family and Roscoe's family together which was really nice and Janey was presented with her bright pink message bible and a 30GB ipod....and...a pink case for it too. Yes....she does likes pink incase you haven't guessed! We had all put money together for these items...and she was really delighted.

At night, a great friend of ours.. Jon Godfrey.. came to lead us in our evening's worship and his message was just so right and so inspiring and challenging... if you would like to hear it as well as Capt.Alec's....well you can.....and I would certainly recommend that you download both from the [headphonaught's blog]. So thank you Jon and really have challenged me, and you have given me plently of food for thought.

Afterwards we had our monthly installment of S.N.A.C. (Sunday night after church) where B.L.O.C. were leading worship....and I just have to say...Bobby I really missed you. You see, I play the guitar, but I am not amazing at it at all. Bobby usually consistenly plays...I thrash out the rythmn and play as much as possible while I am singing...but if I need to come off a chord or if I lose my place or's no problem because Bobby is there always playing. Well...Bobby is in Las Vegas with his lovely wife Diane, and so I had to play the guitar on my own. Roscoe was kindly on bass....but I made quite a few mistakes. First of all I was nervous....we had been rushing about trying to get everything ready, and then I had bought a new plectrum and hadn't tried it out...only to find out while playing our first song...when it was too late...that my plectrum was too hard and I really should have bought a much softer one. So all of this didn't help because instead of just relaxing I started to think too much about what I was doing and know what happens...if you think about it too much...something's bound to go wrong...So, needless to say...there were a few wrong chords....but I did the best I could Bobby!

Another thing that was really nice about today, was that I saw Alistair Smith, [link]who is just an amazing young man from the greenock area. This guy is so clued up on his faith and just has his head screwed on so well. If only I had been so in tune with God at his really are an inspiration to me. After S.N.A.C....we went home to release our very kind babysitters. Roscoe's mum and dad.. Ruth and Jim had volunteered to take the girls back to our house and get them ready for bed. So we really appreciated that too!

So it really has been a wonderful weekend. A weekend of laughs and blessings and challenges. Thank you everyone for such a great time! Oh and HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY JANEY...I love you!

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