Saturday, September 09, 2006


Ink cartridges are so expensive....and I have alot of bother getting the right cartidges for my printer! It would cost me over £40 for a black and colour cartridge...and I really grudge my ink doesn't seem to last long. I went online and came across a website called "Rubberfrog" that were selling compatible ink cartridges for £1...yes £1.

They sell loads of cartidges for lots of different printers. I thought there was no chance that these would work....I ordered one black and one colour cartirdge firstly just to try them. It cost me just over £2 for the cartridges and £1.99 p&p.
They sell bulk packs as well at unbelievable prices.

Well....the package has come in.....the ink really works...and I am well chuffed.

Check them out....[link] ...what a saving!...and those who know me, will know that I love a bargain.

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