Friday, September 29, 2006


Morten, Morten, Morten!!...Sorry Thomas...I always told you that you were my first love...but unfortunately there was someone else......I absolutely drooled over Morten Harket from A-HA from the tender age of 10 upwards. Like most youngsters I had posters everywhere in my room and I will never forget seeing A-HA's video for "Take on me" for the very first time on GMTV before I went to school, and I was hooked.
Morten was of course my favourite...the other two .....sorry they didn't get a look in! And do you know that even to this day I still absolutely adore them. I never get fed up listening to them. They are still releasing albums and they still have that unusual sound that just sets them apart from everybody else.
Morten wore the leather thongs (NO...NOT AS IN UNDERWEAR!!!) but you know...those things wrapped around his wrist and neck...and so as a true fan...I too wore them on most occassions. I had A-HA wrist bands too and I thought I was the bee's knees. I was always faithful to my group and my man! Others strayed from the path of A-HA and got lost somewhere around DURAN DURAN...aaauuuuugggghhhhhh! How could they? I comparison.
Surely you good folks out there will agree with me that for 1985 this video of "Take on me" is still one of the best even today. The shivers still run down my spine when I watch takes me right back. Anyway...enough of this childish drooling and lets get on with watching I mean... A-HA!

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