Friday, October 13, 2006

Kick me when I'm down!

Can't believe after the dreadful few weeks I've had that now...there's more! My Uncle Eck died this morning. Now he is actually my great uncle but means as much to me as an uncle would. He was my Papa's brother, and he was hilarious. My papa died in 1994 and it was a total shock to us all. I was extremely close to my Papa and seeing my uncle just always made me feel that he was still around as they looked quite alike at times. Isn't it sad when as the years go by one by one of that older generation dies. Now my Aunt Cath is the only one left out of her siblings. Only last week my Aunt Cath and Uncle Eck celebrated there Diamond Wedding Anniversary......60 YEARS!!! How amazing but now so sad! I suppose it was great that they got a chance to celebrate that.

But he lived a good life and lived to a good age, and he leaves behind him a great legacy. Most importantly he loved his Lord and Saviour and so I know that one day I will see him again. In the meanwhile I have to pray for my aunt and for the family, that they will get through these tough days, weeks and months ahead.

So thank you Uncle Eck for the great example you set us all. Your love for God was very evident in all that you did. I am so grateful that I knew you and had you in my life.

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