Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wee Break!

Had a nice week off last week, although it wasn't much of a rest. Spending time with the kids, the hubby and the in-laws (thanks Angus and Elizabeth!) was great!! On Monday it was my uncle's funeral...and it was a wondeful service. One of the best funeral's I've been too....sounds weird but it's true. He's been promoted to glory, and so I am able to rejoice in that! At night Thomas and I were at Alpha and had another great evening there. It's great to see people opening up and feeling relaxed and comfortable enough to speak freely. Late that night we travelled through to Livingston to stay with Angus and Elizabeth for a few days!!

On Tuesday we went to Edinburgh Zoo. On Wednesday we went to various shops in Edinburgh including IKEA (I lOVE IKEA), and on Thursday we spent a lovely day with our friends David and Yvonne and their two daughter Claire and Emma. David made his famous curry and a good time was had by all! On Friday morning we headed back home...went to our messages....packed them away and then got ready for the delirious concert!!!

P.S. The picture is of one of the penguins we saw at the zoo just incase your wondering what that's all about!..Thank you Roy for pointing that confusion out. I should have made more of a comment on that days proceeding but hey...never mind.

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