Tuesday, January 02, 2007


This last week has been wonderful. Christmas day was just great. The girls were delighted with their room that I had been decorating for them. They had been sleeping in one of the spare rooms for the whole of December while I was doing the room up.

They really were delighted with everything that they were given. I received lots of lovely gifts myself as well as plenty of money to enjoy the sales. The girls got me Lemar's album and a book that I had asked for called "Flowers for Algernon" which I had read at school and was really keen to read again.

Thomas made me some lovely jewellery which at the time I wasn't sure if they were really "me" but have been really enjoying wearing these unique items over these last few thank you Thomas...for taking the time to create something for me by your own hands...very thoughtful.

What I have really enjoyed is spending time with family...especially just the four of us! Boxing day was lovely...Janey and Roscoe popped in for a while...but just spending time playing games and watching films together is so wonderful....and there have been many days this week that we have been able to do that. Thoroughly enjoying Cluedo....wonderful game....Dayna loves it!

On Saturday we spent the evening with all of my family at my mum and dad's. My mum put on a lovely spread and we played Bible Bingo which all the grandchildren absolutely loved. Round the table later on we all started talking about eye sight and started swapping glasses for each other to try on. When Thomas tried on my brother Alastair's glasses he was doing his Mike Myers impression which was hilarious from the film "I married and Axe Murderer"...which is just so good.

Last night (Hogmany) we had Janey and Roscoe over and again enjoyed chatting and playing games and eating. Hey you are getting married THIS YEAR! After the bells, (which both girls managed to stay awake for) Kenneth, Sarah and their son Robert came over for a few hours. Another great time was had!

Today we enjoyed the annual treat of being at my Mother and Father-in-laws for New Year's Day. A lovely dinner was put on for us all as per usual...thank you Elizabeth! Thomas' Aunt Ann and cousin Emma and husband Stuart were also there. Again...spending time with family, just enjoying each other's company.

So I wonder what kind of week you all have had. I hope you have had time to relax and enjoy the company of those you love dearly. I wish you all a good year and all the very best. I don't really make New Year Resolutions...but I think mine would be this year...since last year passed so fast...that I would just try to enjoy each day as it not try to rush the days on by concentrating on a particular event coming up, and most importantly to enjoy my kids growing up. To enjoy them at their age and basically just enjoy having them.


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