Friday, January 19, 2007

Bus spotting?

Saw the strangest thing today. A man sitting on the island of a roundabout. I mean this guy didn't just find himself on the island trying to cross over and decided to take a rest.....he had a bag that looked like he had a flask and some lunch in of these fold out seats and a camera in his hand. He was franticly looking around him at all the traffic coming from different directions. It was the most bizarre thing, and it obviously wasn't just me that thought that....all the drivers were staring and the passers by just stopped in their tracks and some were taking photos. I was mad because I had left my phone on charge in the house because you just had to have seen it! There was a bit of traffic leading up to the roundabout so I was able to just watch him for a while. He was just oblivious to what everyone thought was a crazy thing to do...he was content and didn't seem to notice. He was so into whatever he was doing. So maybe you can help me..I think he had a pad of paper on his lap as there such a thing as bus spotting? The roundabout he was sitting on was just before the one way system at Motherwell and a lot of buses pass that way. So is there really such a thing?

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