Thursday, January 18, 2007


Have been busy these last few days with my cards. One lady had asked me to make quite a few cards for some birthdays coming up. On Wednesday she asked if I could make another one for her daughter to give to her daughter for her 16th. She said that she was really into Scottish Dancing and if I could make something along that kind of line then that would be great. PANIC!!
I hadn't done anything like a highland dancing card before....and I wasn't sure how to go about it. I didn't want it to look tacky. I found a nice image that I felt I could use, and although I am not really into the whole decoupage thing...for this particular card I think it was help make it more 3d and more interesting rather than just a flat image. Hope they like it!So I finished that card this morning, and then I had to get ready as I had been asked to sing at Shettleston Methodist Church. The folks there have a short service on a Thursday between 1.30and 2.30 and so I said that that would be no problem as it would give me plenty of time to get the girls from school. I sang three songs, and although there were only about a dozen folks due to sickness and flu etc, they were really appreciative. I love being able to do this kind of thing, and being available during the day enables me to be able to go and help if I can. I really love the fact that I can be at home for the girls but still being active for God whenever I can. I would miss out on these opportunities if I was out at work. It may not always work out that way for me, but while I can, I will.

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