Saturday, January 20, 2007

Old table!

It's been a really nice day. Janey stayed over last night, and in the morning Roscoe came over to join us as we all headed out for the day. Next Saturday night a bunch of us are going to a murder mystery night at a friends house. My character is to come wearing a Sari, and a while ago when we were in The Salvation Army charity shop in Byres Road, we saw a rail of beautiful Sari' I thought that I would have nothing better to do than to go there and pick one up! Unfortunately it didn't work out so well because there were none to be seen. Aaaahhhh! Don't know what I am going to do now! wasn't a total disaster because while looking around the shop I saw a beautiful coffee table which I have seen in other shops priced around the £100 - £150 price range, and it would just have went perfectly in my living room. There was nothing wrong with was in mint condition. So I asked how much it was expecting around the £60 mark...and the lady said £20! WHAT!! I couldn't believe it. I love, love, love a bargain. So we are now the proud owner of a gorgeous chunky dark wooden coffee table.

Before we came across this great find, we had been to the Kelvingrove Museum which was good fun. Later after Thomas and Roscoe had carried the table back to the car,we went to Beanscene and spent a couple of hours just sipping tea and coffee, and just relaxing which was great. Check out the headphonaught's flickr photos of our day!

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