Saturday, March 24, 2007


On Friday night we headed through to the Destiny Church in Edinburgh. They host a film night every fortnight, and Kirsty and Fraser are responsible for this venture.
Kirsty used to go to our corps at The Salvation Army in Bellshill..... (her mum, the wonderful Liz is part of B.L.O.C.) ....but then she went to uni and hooked up with the Destiny Church there, which has proven to be a really good choice for her and for her husband Fraser.

When they had been through at S.N.A.C. they had let us know about these film nights that they host....(full size cinema screen!!) ...and we just hadn't been able to fit it in our diary at the time, but we managed to have a free night on Friday and enjoyed our visit to "Destiny"

The interior of the church is amazing. The architecture is gorgeous..right up my street...and they have just made an excellent job of making it so accessible to the community. They have a lovely welcoming entrance hallway with lots of good quality flyers for numerous events that are going on in and around Destiny, and then you walk through to a small cafe area which is great....good use of space...and the serving area for the cafe was well designed and just looked professional. They are doing what I believe to be really important....reaching out to the community and letting them know that the church today CAN be relevant and "with it"!

The film nights are free...refreshments are provided by "The Reel" cafe and they make amazing popcorn too...(Thomas will vouch for that)...tea, coffee, chocolate, crisps..etc and all at very reasonable prices. It was great to see so many non-churched people come in and just relax and not feel anxious about being in a church building. Other than announce the times of the meetings on a Sunday there was nothing else said of a religious nature, which I think was really important.

The reason that I think that is important in this situation is that they have many other outreach activities on during the week and obviously on a Sunday when they have their 3 meetings, (their two morning services are the same, but at different times due to large numbers) but for this night, it is simply as case of letting people feel comfortable entering a church building, and of simply just meeting the people...start building up a rapport and possibly even a friendship....and to allow them to experience "church" through people like Kirsty and Fraser.

I'd ask you all to pray for Kirsty and Fraser and for the work that they do in Destiny. They put so much of themselves into God's work, and they do it not out of a sense of duty.....but out of a real desire to serve God and the community that they live in.

So thank you both for a great night...we all enjoyed watching "Return of the Jedi" and those really cute Ewoks that our two girls love so much.
So folks...the next showing is "The Miracle Maker" shown on Good Friday. The time as far as I know is 7.30pm, but that is when the film starts...doors open at 7pm...arrive then and grab and wee refreshment and a blether before the film commences.

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