Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tidy up

I have spent the last few days working away in my back garden. I needed to cut back a lot of dead growth in order for the new growth to come in. A whole lot of weed pulling and pruning back was certainly required, and after a really hard days work today I'm glad to say it's done!

I never cut my grass until the end of March, but I had to cut mine today believe it or not. The grass was extremely long and with our little doggie going out to do her business, it was becoming increasingly difficult to firstly find those little parcels but secondly to doggie bag them with most of it going all over the long strands of grass....(I think you get the idea!). So it was really needed! The edges are all trimmed the way I like them done and I have already started on a few plans I have for extra plant bedding this summer. So all said...I'm aching, but very happy.

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