Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thanks Joanne!

Many of you will know or be familiar with Ross aka Roscoe...well he has a lovely sister called Joanne. A few weeks ago my best friend Janey asked if I could use a corner unit because Joanne was looking to get rid of one that was in her room. Funnily enough Thomas and I had been looking at some in Ikea a wee while ago and thought it would be a really good thing to use as a crafting table and being able to shut all my bits and bobs away would be great as I hate a mess.

So Joanne let me see it and I say "yes please". On Wednesday Roscoe and his dad came over with the unit. They had to dismantle it all because of the size of it, and then reassemble it for me, which was really nice of them both. Thank you Jim and Roscoe.I spent the rest of the afternoon just getting it into position and filling it. I was really looking forward to moving our G4 mac into the unit as I mainly use it, and Thomas mainly uses the laptop. I planned to move the printer as well so that everything would be at hand for my card making. I just unplugged the computer and lifted it onto my new unit...plugged it back in and it wouldn't work. Thomas said that it happened once to him but eventually it did come on. Unfortunately for matter how long I tried, it wouldn't.

I love my computer, and all of my card templates and worship band stuff is on it. I can't do without it. So today I took it to Scotsys to hopefully find out what is wrong with it. Poor wee thing! Hope she's okay!

So I can't fully enjoy my unit yet until all systems are go, but I am ever so chuffed with thank you Joanne, and to Jim and Roscoe for being so kind to deliver and reassemble, and of course to Janey who let me know about it.

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