Monday, March 26, 2007

A warped sense of humour!!!

Just had to do a quick post before I went to bed. I have been wanting a phone that warps pictures for ages and finally I have one that does. If you have this on your phone you will know that you need the person quite near and a straight on view of the face is essential for a good quality warp!
I get my kill at the effects...the laughs just keep rolling!

Well tonight our Songsters were doing a programme for the women's guild at Viewpark and at the end we shared in a lovely tea that the ladies had provided. Bobby, Diane, Helen and John had came along to support the Songsters which was really nice of them. Helen was sitting across from me when suddenly I remembered my phone's ability to warp! Helen was sitting a bit far away to get a good warp....or so I thought. Because she was further away it created an even more amazing effect. BIG BODY...wee heid! Hilarious...I mean really....tears rolling down my face funny! Bobby and Diane thought it was hilarious too, and I have to say, Helen, you are a good sport...she thought it was funny too and even gave me permission to put it on my blog. Cheers Helen!

and sorry Trevor.....(our Songster Leader)..I just couldn't resist!

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